90% off mocks


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Hi Mockers,

Until March 31 you can get 90% off all Mocks (except photo Mocks and couture) online at http://www.MyMocks.com

Just use code: FB90 at the checkout.

Enjoy your shopping

I just got a rainbow teddy mock for $2.19 awesome deal!:run::run::run:


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They make great gifts and the discount works on the earphones too making them .69 cents. . .great for teenagers with mp3 players


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They are coming from Australia.... I had ordered a ton of Mocks and accessories and with the 90% off it was still like $8 and then $12 shipping which isn't bad considering all I'd ordered. I wanted to use as gifts.

Just hoping it didn't go wrong since I got no confirmation.

Oic...I wondered. I cannot order now...not enough cheese!! :uh:


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I bought a bunch of stuff and paid with PayPal but didn't get any email confirmation and when I log in, it says I have no new orders...

What about you guys?

I did get a confirmation email it took awhile after I ordered but it did come, I bought 2 spongebob ones and my total was $5.10 I believe but they still havent taken it out of my bank acct


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OMG I didnt see those. . .they are awful. . plus they want more money than my power company. I can pay two bills with that much money!!!
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