$.69 Songs--Maximize those free Amazon Credits!


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Over 24k $.69 MP3s--and quite a few good ones on the 1st 3 pages anyway. If you have a few pepsi credits, or did the FB/Unilever thing today, this is a great way to make them go as far as possible! :bigthumb:


or, the shortened URL from Amazon's tweet (THEIR referral link in the above URL; not mine!):

(I have been saving up for the new Deluxe Edition of Babel, and just needed today's Pepsi credit to get it. Thanks to Chris and Unilever, I now have some left over for a few songs. :) LOVE all the free Amazon MP3 credits we've been getting lately! I did the get a 1.29 song for 5 cents thing, and amazon deducted the full 1.29 from my mp3 credits. I contacted customer service to explain I'd been saving up for babel, and only bought a single song b/c of the new, quickly expiring promotion, they refunded me a full 1.99 in credits, rather than the 1.24 I requested, and deducted the nickle from my gc balance (courtesy of a camel instant win.) Can't beat that with a stick! I <3 Amazon!)


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I downloaded an Orbital album one song at a time using free credits. Sounds better cause it was free.

Free music is ALWAYS more melodious, just as my favorite dinner is anything I don't have to cook. :D Ever notice that (fill in the blank) you bought NEVER tastes as good as that sample you got in the mail for free?
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