$5 off $5 at Petsmart


I know this coupon has now expired but on Saturday when my Husband went to PetSmart to use the coupon the cashier called the manager over and showed him the coupon.The manager told my Husband that the coupon was fraudulent because it had been altered and was put out on the internet for multiple printings without their permission.He said that those coupons are only sent to members in their emails & will have the pet owners name or pet's name on the coupon.He showed my Husband the paper that came from PetSmart's home office via the district manager (even printed my Husband a copy of the letter to bring home to show me). My Husband was so embarrassed.

I printed a PetSmart Coupon in the past like this offer and gave it to a relative to use. When she tried to redeem it the store said the same thing. We were also both embarrassed. I'm was not convinced the coupon was "fraudulant" rather PetSmart didn't want to honor it after it was posted on the internet and lots of people wanted to redeem the coupons. (Though I can conceed it could happen.) Still, after that I just don't bother with Petsmart coupons anymore.
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