4-Month UPS My Choice Premium Membership for $4

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    UPS.com offers a 4-Month UPS My Choice Premium Membership for $4 when you follow the instructions below.

    click here to learn about the benefits that UPS My Choice offers. Offer may not be valid for currently active Premium subscribers.

    1. Click here and login to your existing account or to sign up for a free account
    2. Click here after logging in to your account
    3. Under 'Manage Memberships', click 'Upgrade to Premium' for the address you wish to upgrade
    4. Complete form and enter promotion code BU8CV8EH3 in the space provided, then click 'Apply'
    Your 4-month My Choice Premium membership will be $4
    Be sure to turn off auto renew after you sign up (if you have a payment method on file and do not wish to continue after your free membership period expires).

    To turn off auto renew:
    1. Click here and login to your account
    2. Under the 'Addresses' column, click 'Update My Addresses'
    3. Select the subscribed address(es), then click 'Edit'
    4. Under 'Premium Membership Renewal', uncheck the 'I want UPS to automatically renew my Premium membership' box, then click 'Save Changes'
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