$25 gift card for $2


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If you buy a $25 gift card at Restaurant.com and enter TREATS at the checkout you can get the gift card for $2. $4 for a $50 GC. $8 for a $100 GC. Now through Halloween. I haven't been able to test it because there aren't any participating restaurants near me. Not technically free but pretty damn close.


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I was just wondering if anyone had any issue with the charge to their credit or debit card? I heard a rumor that the charges were different once they charged your card.


I Purchased (4) 25 Dollar Gift Cards For A Total Of 8 Dollars, After The Transaction They Offered Me A Survey. When I Completed The Survey They Added 10 Dollars To My Account, Not My Restaurant.Com Account My CC Account. The Gift Cards For That Matter Werent All That, You See The Ones I Chose You Have To Spend 40 Dollars In Order To Use The 25 Dollar Gift Card... gL


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:D WOOHOO! I just 4 $10 gc's for $2.40....Paid for out of the $10 that was deposited into paypal from the lighting forum. Also, I entered through the ebates site, so I will get some cash back. ENTIRELY FREE !!!!
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