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  1. rachaelmarie

    FREE Pink Cookware Set w/ $30 P&G Purchase

    Nothing by me, of course! =(
  2. rachaelmarie

    MyCokeRewards Heads Up thread

    Thanks!!! =)
  3. rachaelmarie

    Cheap Method Laundry Soap @ Target

    I remembered this thread and thought I would share this idea for a low cost dryer sheet. (it's a diy kinda thing) You basically just buy fabric, fill with crushed lavender, sew it together in a small square, and enjoy! Again, just...
  4. rachaelmarie

    Free Celox Nosebleed Pad

    this is still available!
  5. rachaelmarie

    Free Celox Nosebleed Pad You can order one pad for free or pay the shipping and get a 5 pack for free. From what I read about the product it sounds worth giving it a shot, especially for free =) :jump: This is the e-mail they sent me...
  6. rachaelmarie

    Tide Pods Sample- No Facebook

    I still have not received my Tide Pods sample from the Facebook one or this one that my mom did. Anyone else not receive theirs?
  7. rachaelmarie

    up to $15 Free from Kellogg's Mini-wheats class action lawsuit

    My mom received two $15 checks. Very jealous! I thought I signed up for this, but I guess not? Oh well.:dunno:
  8. rachaelmarie

    P&GEStore deal

    Does anyone know of any good deals for this site?
  9. rachaelmarie

    Anchor Bar Wing Sauce 50% off! Great for Super Bowl parties!

    I just got an e-mail from them saying that the 3 packs are still 50% off and the bottles are now 25% off. Still not a bad deal!
  10. rachaelmarie

    Anchor Bar Wing Sauce 50% off! Great for Super Bowl parties!

    They extended it to today! (1/27) I can't wait for mine to come!!!!!
  11. rachaelmarie

    Anchor Bar Wing Sauce 50% off! Great for Super Bowl parties!

    Soo excited about this! I LOVE the Anchor Bar! They are part of the deals and steals for GMA today! If you enter code GMA at checkout, you will get 50% off ALL sauces! Yummmmmmm. :drool: BBQ and Medium are my favs! And I SO will be having...
  12. rachaelmarie

    $10 for $20 worth of The Body Shop Products

    This deal is in Buffalo, NY too. If you still have that $10 credit it would be worth it!! =)
  13. rachaelmarie

    Nosebleed 5 Packs Only $6.95 instead of $15.99!

    Go to, add a Celox Nosebleed in your cart, use code freenb11 and it will take off the ENTIRE price of the item! You just have to pay shipping! My father just got on blood thinners so we were turned on to this Celox product and ever since then I have been scoring some...
  14. rachaelmarie

    Denny's Daily Bogo Deal

    today is West Virginia.
  15. rachaelmarie

    Denny's Daily Bogo Deal

    today is Montana.... ....come on New York!!!
  16. rachaelmarie

    Lot 18/ Free Shipping

    I went to the old post and the link is active again!! I never got the credit before so I am PUMPED to get it this time!! =)
  17. rachaelmarie

    Free Glam Bag wyb John Frieda

    Thanks!! I definitely purchased it and wanted to make sure that I was sending the right one in lol! :rofl: I could only imagine what they would think if I just sent in random receipts hoping I would get at least one right! Haha.
  18. rachaelmarie

    Free Glam Bag wyb John Frieda

    I feel lost, what John Frieda product(s) do you have to buy to get that garment bag, and how many? And for any of these is their specific dates that you had to purchase these products through? Thanks!!!
  19. rachaelmarie

    Free Tea sample from

    Go to pick any tea sample from any category (make sure it says sample at the end!!!) then go to checkout! Where it says enter code, make sure you enter this code: tryme Then continue on through the checkout process, make sure you check the free shipping option (it does do it...
  20. rachaelmarie

    Lady Gaga's Born This Way album $1

    You can also buy it using that free gilt city credit that Chris posted on May 20th (Look under the Lady GaGa section under any city and scroll down to find the digital download):
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