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    Happy Birthday Chris....and me...

    Happy Birthday Chris....and my birthday is also today....13th let's celebrate....:v: :hug: cheers....:)
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    baby registry

    thanks cyndie and disneybride....:)
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    baby registry

    can anybody tell me about baby registry gift sites. I'm currently eight month pregnant :) :v: and i need to buy lots of baby stuffs. so can anyone help me about baby registries. thanks
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    silkies orders.....

    congrats to all of you who r getting their orders.....:)
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    silkies orders.....

    i got and an e-mail today saying that the items i ordered from silkies is now out of stock or have been discontinued. so they canceled my order....:( i ordered 2 leggings from them and I'm very disappointed now, i slept very late that night and i found something after spending a lot time.....:(...
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    thanks cyndie....:)

    thanks cyndie....:)
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    Thank you cyndie...:)

    Thank you cyndie...:)
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    Free $5 Starbucks Gift Card

    i got the same e-mail from that I’m not in first 2,500 registrant for a Starbucks gift card. these new sites are doing all these things only for getting new e-mails. as soon as they got their 2,500 registrants they posted this and...
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    deal pulp deal refer 1 friend for 0$ and get $3 credit

    dealpulp today's deal is refer 1 friend and get $3 credit. i got mine. i think you get only $3 credit if refer 1 or more so just one. don't waste your referrals. :kekeke: hurrry.....:h5::wiggle:
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    Free stuff from Doctor Oz next week

    i got the shoes tooo.....:)
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    Thank you friends :)

    Thank you friends :)
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    Free CFL light bulbs for Duke Energy customers

    Is this a automated call or any guy calling on the phone?
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    free $15 spa cash

    welcome chris. hellooo everyone
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    Free I Love My Baby Bump shirt

    i got the same e-mail
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    Free pitcher from VeeV Acai drink

    chris we have to do all these things and should we have to post our personal videos or what kind of?
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    free Veria vanilla flavored organic lip balm

    i got it.....:v:
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    Free WordLock luggage lock-EXPIRED

    i got mine!!! Congratulations! You were one of the first 1,000 people to sign up for a free WordLock® luggage lock. We greatly appreciate your interest in Wordlock and taking the time to like our page.
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