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    free bear feet slippers If you are a developer and are willing to review some new free software.
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    Free stickers and $250,000 in crowdfunding

    Do you have an idea for the 'next big thing'? One Spark is giving away up to $250,000 to help creators get their ideas off the ground. No ideas? Help spread the word with your free One Spark sticker:
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    $10 to help beta test

    Help beta test Yovia's sponsor dashboard and get $10 in credit to promote any website, blog, social media group (or any link you want).
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    last day for REI tent set and free tshirts

    Shirts to begin shipping monday: REI tent and camping set drawing as well Entry here
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    free shirts

    last week to enter to get a free shirt. They start shipping next week.
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    free shirts and win a tent from REI

    you can request a free shirt and then it redirects to Facebook where they are giving away a tent from REI this week:
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    Maurice Jones-Drew stickers

    Show support for MJD!!!@! :v::dunno:
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    Free water park tix

    You can get yours free by referring 3 others, or you can win. Instructions here
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    free samples of Garnier FRUCTIS

    only 1 per household I think but last sample from them shipped fast. :jump:
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    100,000 Purex Free Samples avail

    I think this is US only and you do not have to answer any of the surveys. First 100k get on, not sure how many are left. One page submit.
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    $25 gas card for $1.95

    This auction starts over each day. $25 shell gas card I think it starts at like $1.50 each morning.
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    TRESemme sample

    just found out about this one. free sample of Split Remedy from TREsemme. don't need to fill out any of the surveys you get on the thank-you...supposedly everyone gets one
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    300 Free shirts

    Yovia has 300 of these shirts to give out courtesy of Audubon and Toyota.
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    Free Body by Vi Shake Sample

    There are 50 samples of Body by Vi shakes going out per month. You can request one here. 100,000 people a month are joining although I have not tried the product yet one of my friends is offering this.
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    Tebow stickers
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    Free Piggy Bank plus chance for $250

    This ships in time for the holidays. :t::r:
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    wonder woman mugs

    They are giving away a certain amount of these each week leading up till christmas :r::r:
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    Chatter Teeth, Neoprene Bottle Holders

    Couple of funny freebies - Free Chatter Teeth Free Neoprene water (or beer) holders: :xmasgrin::xmasgrin:
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    free mini snowboarder air fresheners

    Limited supply of these available will ship for Christmas: :jump:
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    kind of random jar opener shaped like texas

    The perfect gift for someone has everything....or they just like Texas...or they have trouble opening up jars
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