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  1. Nedrin

    Free sample of cream of wheat cinnabon

    Free Cream of Wheat Cinnabon Get a free sample of Cream of Wheat Cinnabon @ Bottom right corner of page
  2. Nedrin

    Free Kleenex Sneeze Catchers kit

    lol I agree. Who has such a piddily promotion when they are such a huge company. They act like they have no money, a home business out of a garage:o
  3. Nedrin

    Family Fun Magazine Only $3.95

    Welcome FamilyFunBook Readers! As a loyal reader, you are entitled to one year (10 issues) of FamilyFun magazine for FREE! Pay only a one-time $3.95 shipping and handling charge. :h5:
  4. Nedrin

    Free Country Bobs All Purpose Sauce

    Get a free bottle with coupon that arrives by mail.
  5. Nedrin

    Free Envelopes Samples

    I found this because all greeting cards I send are handmade and I need LOTS of envelopes. This offer is supposed to be for potential customers only but it's worth a shot. They got my business now so I guess the sample worked on my end :) *It says please...
  6. Nedrin

    Free 1 Year Subscription to Forbes Magazine Guess this is the current offer. Apparently the WSJ offer is "No longer available" :(
  7. Nedrin

    Free 6 month subscription to The Wall Street Journal

    It says this offer is no longer available and tried to give me 1 year of Forbes Magazine. Awww I dont want Forbes :cry:
  8. Nedrin

    FREE Sample of Minty Kisses Chewing Gum

    Honestly I've signed up for some not legit things but never get spam. But I get spam ALL THE TIME on my hotmail account and that is only for friends/family. Maybe Hotmail sold my email.....dirty trick :P
  9. Nedrin

    FREE Sample of Minty Kisses Chewing Gum

    Um, seeing as there is no information available on who is hosting the site on the site and the fact it was created December 30, 2010, I'm going with not legit. I'm new here to and it seems like Chris catches everything thats free and will really come. But don't get discouraged. Maybe he'll take...
  10. Nedrin

    Free Red Dress Pin

    Yay! :h5: I lost my last one and have been wanting a new 1 :wiggle:
  11. Nedrin

    Free Patriotic Lighter

    It couldn't verify my age??? Wonder why...oh well :dunno::confused:
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