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    Does anyone happen to have a promo code?

    Thanks, but with those you have to spend $100 dollars so they aren't really worth it to me. With the $25 ones you only have to spend a total of $35; it's farm more cost-effective. I appreciate it though :h5: Yeah that's what I was hoping there was a code for. Unfortunately I needed it...
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    Does anyone happen to have a promo code?

    Invalid, thanks though =(
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    Does anyone happen to have a promo code?

    I've looked all over google, but can't find one for this month. Does anyone happen to have a valid code? Thanks
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    80% off gift cards

    Think you could let me know if a code valid during February pops up? Thanks
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    Free Lamkin golf grip on Sunday

    you poor soul
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    Free I Am Not A Nugget sticker from Peta

    everyone make sure and sign up for this so we cost peta more money
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    Free bandana and belt buckle from Marlboro

    Well actually, I am 21 years of age or older, but ok.....
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    Free personalized flask from Copenhagen

    Awesome thanks.
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    2 Free Stella Artois Beer Glasses

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    Free HDMI Cables on 2/7/11

    Just throwin this out there: you can get a 6ft HDMI cable for a couple bucks on amazon dont fall for spendy ones
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    Free Rut book by Scott Phillips

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    Free $20 Chicken Out Rotisserie GC

    Thanks for this =)
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    Rue La La credit?

    I just logged on to Rue La La for the first time in ages and noticed my $20 credit was gone! Did they reset at the beginning of the year or something? I was saving it for another $50 gift card promotion and was going to give it to my girlfriend :uh:
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    Free Vendetta Cigar samples -call in

    Damn, not working for me either. I really wanted this one.
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    Free McAfee Internet Security after rebate

    Norton Internet Security would, but Norton Antivirus wouldn't. Then there is probably a Norton Firewall which is a totally different ballpark =D. -Paid Internet security suits generally include both the anti-malware/anti-spyware (same thing) and antivirus. -OR you can specialize and get...
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    Free McAfee Internet Security after rebate

    Coming from a self-proclaimed computer nerd: You should just use AVG or Avira. They are free and neither will suck up all of the resources that McAfee does nor continually prompt you to purchase. They also both work well. Also, these types of things only protect you from actual viruses; you...
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    Free Today Sponge vaginal contraceptive sample

    Sorry but someones gotta say it: DO NOT rely 100% on something like this. Disadvantages from Also, from plannedparenthood: "If women who have never given birth always use the sponge as directed, 9 out of 100 will become pregnant each year. "
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    Free Patriotic Lighter

    Awesome, thanks.
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    Free Julian Assange Peace Hero sticker

    I'm just curious as to why you believe so? It's like "killing the messenger for the bad news he brings"
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    Free Julian Assange Peace Hero sticker

    I'm hoping all this hate is directed towards the ugliness of the sticker and not the great ability of this man to encourage a more transparent government =( EDIT: Couldn't get it working, paypal wouldnt let me make a payment of $0
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