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  1. mswoodman

    up to $15 Free from Kellogg's Mini-wheats class action lawsuit

    I got my check today as well.
  2. mswoodman

    Free Gift Cards, Exercise Ball,T-shirt, etc w/Musselman's UPC

    I just started doing this, I'm hoping to have enough before Christmas. Although I only have 3 UPC's at this point
  3. mswoodman

    HP Touchpads $99 or $149!!

    My order just got cancelled from Barnes & Noble, 2 days after I placed the order and with no e-mail. Sucky!
  4. mswoodman

    Magazines at RecycleBank

  5. mswoodman

    MyCokeRewards Heads Up thread

    Thanks for the heads up!
  6. mswoodman

    25 Free RecycleBank Points

    Thanks! I love all the free points
  7. mswoodman

    60 Free My Coke Reward Points

    Awesome! Thanks!
  8. mswoodman

    5 Free Pampers Gifts to Grow points

    Thanks! I love free pampers points.
  9. mswoodman

    Free Cosmetic bag -first 3500

    Entered. I hope I get it!
  10. mswoodman

    Half Price Frappuccino At Starbucks

    This is bad news for me, I LOVE frappachinos!
  11. mswoodman

    5 Free Disney Movie Rewards points

  12. mswoodman

    $20 of Shutterfly Birth Annoucements from

    Right now if you go to and sign up for the strong moms program to get coupons and samples you will receive a $20 Shutterfly code valid on birth annoucements. The code is good through November, so if you know anyone who will be having a baby any time soon it would probably be a good...
  13. mswoodman

    Free Garnier Fructis Pure Clean Shampoo and Conditioner sample

    Thanks! I love all of the shampoo/conditioner free samples. I have a friend who puts together care packages for parents of children who are in the NICU and the sample sizes are one of the items they include! Thanks for posting all of the great freebies and allowing me to donate more!
  14. mswoodman

    Free stuff from Sample Showcase

    I hope this ones comes, the last one really was good!
  15. mswoodman

    5 Free Pampers Gifts to Grow Points

    Thanks! I love the free points!
  16. mswoodman

    Free stuff from Sample Showcase

    I agree the last one was really good. Except my husband ate the chocolate bar. :)
  17. mswoodman

    Free Circo Baby Toddler Socks at Target

    Thank you! Toddler socks always get lost in my house!
  18. mswoodman

    5 Free Disney Movie Rewards points

    Thanks! I'm up to 1020 now!
  19. mswoodman

    Free $5 Starbucks Gift Card

  20. mswoodman

    100 to 100,000 Free American Airlines AAdvantage miles

    I got 100 free miles, Thanks!
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