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  1. urka5430314

    Fitness toe bag filled and $5 CVS GC

    got mine too, sadly no CVS in utah, so my grandma will get it when she comes to visit in a week, yay!
  2. urka5430314

    Free $25 Gilt Groupe GC

    awesome, but has anyone found anything for just $15? * there's facial care products on sale, getting my boyfriend an exfoliating scrub.
  3. urka5430314

    Seventeen free "gift"

    3700010399 worked for me, no problems here. hopefully it works for y'all soon.
  4. urka5430314

    Coldwater Creek Deal

    if anyone still has their $10 coupon for coldwater creek, there's an awesome deal right now, where you get 25% off and free shipping i just got a wind chime and 2 sachets for 9.55 including the free shipping, it's a great deal. just enter code: WKH1437and you're set.
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