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  1. Diana

    Free Almond Snack Tin

    yeah, did you notice at the bottom it said "Please note, the tin is not prefilled with almonds?" lol
  2. Diana

    $1 Old Navy 4th T's

    Heck, it's probably like the day after thanksgiving sales.. I'm not up for a broken leg for a t-shirt.. lol they'll go on clearance in a couple of days anyway :rofl:
  3. Diana

    HyVee Kelloggs deal

    :rofl: :rofl: mine too.. I thought it was bizarre!!! I'd never seen such a thing.. :rofl:
  4. Diana


    I saw those last night at work.. and I was bummed that I didn't get a .72 one.. :rofl:
  5. Diana

    1-800-Flowers $15 off $39.95 ends 4/26

    you can send me flowers for mothers day :rofl:
  6. Diana

    Salad Bowl with Chilling Tray $5 (half price shipping) @

    I'm so eyeing that lime green one..
  7. Diana

    Free travel bag from Colgate!

    I sent it again today, so we'll see what happens
  8. Diana

    Free travel bag from Colgate!

    So, when I sent off for mine, I forgot to put my receipt in there, I just got it back, and it said I have 15 days to resubmit it.. SOOOOO.. I'm wondering if it's worth it? :dunno:
  9. Diana

    A good deal on comforter sets...

    My bed in a bag I got worked just fine too, we got a bigger bed, and needed bigger sheets (but I'm pretty sure I bought another one... lol)
  10. Diana

    A good deal on comforter sets...

    :rofl: I actually just bought me a new comforter before we moved at WAL-MART for like 20.00 bucks
  11. Diana

    A good deal on comforter sets...

    what's the thread count? :kekeke:
  12. Diana


    lol.. Me either
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