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  1. ElleTee

    Aquadoodle Travel Doodle $8.05

    It's $17.99 again :(
  2. ElleTee

    $10 Subway gift card for $5

    They have an "F" rating through BBB. I no longer buy anything from them in case they misuse my CC and personal info.
  3. ElleTee

    product tester for Nailene® products

    I signed up awhile ago for their product testing, but never heard from them. I wonder if they're just collecting emails and personal info?
  4. ElleTee

    AMA House Party

    My package arrived yesterday :jump: When I tried to run the app for the remote control device it said I would be charged $5. Did anyone have this issue? The shirts with the face on them scared my 2 year old nephew lol
  5. ElleTee

    Free John Frieda Foam Colour

    The last time John Frieda sent me a coupon for the hair color, I received it the day it was going to expire. Redeemed it at CVS at 11:45pm right before it expired. Haven't received anything from them since. It's a nice freebie though!
  6. ElleTee

    L'OCCITANE en Provence-Free Hand Cream

    I hate FB now, but I need it to help run my website :uh:
  7. ElleTee

    AMA House Party

    Thanks Ladysteeler for posting this. I was approved! Woohoo! wouldn't have known about it if it wasn't for your post.
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