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  1. tiggerchick

    silkies orders.....

    I got my order late last week- really nice!
  2. tiggerchick

    N-a-k-e-d Toilet Paper. Get a FREE Cottonelle Brand Roll Cover. Respect the Roll!!!

    The one I got houses all of my feminine's prettier than the box they came in.
  3. tiggerchick

    Free Hat

    I think this has been on FB before..only it was some shirt.
  4. tiggerchick

    FREE Wella HAir CAre Prod. for liking on June 1

    Sweet! Thank you.
  5. tiggerchick

    Possible Free Oscar Meyer product coupons - Kraft First Taste

    Mine also showed up :-)
  6. tiggerchick

    Possible Free Oscar Meyer product coupons - Kraft First Taste

    I actually just got this coupon in the mail the other day. Funny thing is, we don't have Breakstone products in my area. If you would like them then I can send them to you. As for the new ones- nothing for me yet but I will check back in a few days.
  7. tiggerchick

    FREE Sample Bag Pro Plan Dog Snacks

    TY Krystal- my furry nieces Kali and Lyly will love it
  8. tiggerchick

    Free mini chocolate or orange almond bundt cake from Patron

    nothing here either..oh well.
  9. tiggerchick

    Free pack of stride gum

    That is too damn funny. I recognized the picture of my house from Google maps right away. But, I bet those that are complaining still got the free gum.:kekeke:
  10. tiggerchick

    Free stuff from Bath & Body Works

    I read my card last night and saw that it was the Thursday of your choice to go in. I am going next Thursday for sure.
  11. tiggerchick

    Free Office Depot $30 Gift Card

    I never got any email from them but I did get the card today- really unexpected.
  12. tiggerchick

    My Coke Rewards 12 Pack

    Thank you so much! Going to order them now.
  13. tiggerchick

    Target sample of Purina ONE® brand Dog or Cat Food

    Me and my kitties thank you.
  14. tiggerchick

    Free Dominos coupons or $5 GC

    same here
  15. tiggerchick

    Free Tylenol Sleep Solution Kit

    If you're still wanting someone to do it, I would be willing.
  16. tiggerchick

    Free Dominos coupons or $5 GC

    I pretty much sucked at all of the games but I did manage to get the guft card.
  17. tiggerchick

    Free stuff from Doctor Oz tomorrow 11/2

    I couldn't get the shoes or the Target page to load so nothing there. I did manage to get the 24 Hour Fitness one so I am stoked about that.
  18. tiggerchick

    Johnsonvile Deli Bites

    I got mine a few days ago and it was a good sample. I got about 9 packets with about 6 small nuggets in each. Yummy snacks btw.
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