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    free college t shirts from coke rewards

    Is this still working? I have been looking all over the coke rewards site & cant find it?? thanks :dunno: Figured it out!! thanks got 4 coming!!!
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    if anyone has the Lot 18 $20 credit the wine site .......

    they have two packages of coffee for $19.99 shiping included!! no credit card info needed either!!! hope this helps someone!! Michele :jump::jump::jump::jump:
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    60 Free My Coke Reward Points

    me neither!! at least I know I am not alone & accidently deleted the e-mail!
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    FREE Wella HAir CAre Prod. for liking on June 1

    I ran across this today & thought it was worth sharing: Wella will be celebrating the launch of their NEW Care & Styling by giving away exclusive Discover Well Kair Kits. Head on over and ‘like’ them now and look for it on your wall around June 1st to be one of the first to discover Wella hair...
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    Kraft First Taste- 6 FREE Product Coupons

    Nada for me ....but enjoy to those who got it!!! :jump:
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    $25 GC with KIA teat drive!!!

    :kekeke: hmmmm maybe my mind was wondering!! LOL or I just cant spell!! thanks for catching my boo boo!!!!:bowrofl::bowrofl::bowrofl:
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    $25 GC with KIA teat drive!!!

    :doh:oh sorr i didn't see someone already posted it!! oops me bad!!
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    Seventh Generation Baby Wipes

    I saw it too, if you do see it right underneath it has a lick click here for free sample click that & a small bow will pop up to fill out!!
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    $25 GC with KIA teat drive!!! :bigthumb:
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    Free Freezer Bag-1st 30,000

    cool thank you !!!!
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    $50 if your qualify for 90 min study

    Sound interestig..We'll see ?!?!:fingersx:
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    Club pogo points/tolkens

    I don't think this has been posted as it worked for me so here you go: its worth 5000 :D
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    Free slam and spark energy drinks

    :eek3:I got a phone call too & of course this rep lives like a mile away from me in a rural ares & knows my road. i told her i haven't recived them yet & just contact me thru e-mail.
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    What time does Bergwood restock today?

    iv'e checked few times that's all i noticed too. i'm waiting for the hoodie too
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    Free four color pen We are celebrating 5th Anniversary! Anyone who complete the following survey (3 QUESTIONS) receives a free gift - four color pen. Only one pen per household. Offer valid only to persons 18 years or older. Offer good while...
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    tigi lip pallet free

    Your welcome!!!!
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    tigi lip pallet free

    This was available a year or so ago, found it again on another site & it worked again!!:jump: Michele:jump:
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    Free $25 GC to

    ohh gottaa check this one out tomorrow!!!
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    Free Mean Green Power Hand Scrub sample

    sample of mean gree hand soap :r:
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    free christmas song download from Blue Bunny

    I hope someone can use it!! Michele :tree:
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