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  1. momofbee

    75% at Hickory farms

    Oh they have the BEST mint things-they are pastel colored with little sprinkles on them-I don't know what they are called but they are so good!!
  2. momofbee

    Free bag of Ruffles

    Me, either-they must be getting hit really hard.
  3. momofbee

    $5 OFF $5 and FS OSP!! WOOT, HOT HOT HOT

    Oh, that stinks!! I need to check my account and see if they refunded my money....
  4. momofbee

    54-count Huggies Girls Nighttime Pull-Ups Training Pants size 2T-3T $7 shipped

    I think the s&s deal on this is expired but if you have a 20% off code from the magazines, you can apply that.
  5. momofbee

    Medco Health Store: *HOT!* $10 off ANY Order!

    I got my order yesterday,too! YAY!!!
  6. momofbee

    Medco Health Store: $10 off $10, only $0.99 shipping

    I saw a comment on SD (slick deals) where someone placed 34 orders....:hs: Can anyone get into the Medco website? Is it down?
  7. momofbee

    Medco Health Store: *HOT!* $10 off ANY Order!

    I placed an order when it was first posted on another site and it was cancelled so I tried again and got a shipping confirmation on this one (for some Cocobutter Lotion). I don't know why they would let anyone place 15 orders and not cancel them!
  8. momofbee

    free bumpit

  9. momofbee

    Free Franklin Goose baby products $5 store credits for reviews

    That's not a good sign that their phone number isn't working-I only have $5.00 so I'm not out anything.
  10. momofbee

    Pssst Members

    These are the items that you will receive to prepare for your upcoming Pillsbury® Crescents Spring Celebrations MyGetTogether. Expect your host kit to arrive a week prior to your get-together! 4 free Crescent coupons (redeem these coupons for free Pillsbury Crescents at your grocery store so...
  11. momofbee

    Pssst Members

    Thank you for posting this!!! I got in, too!
  12. momofbee

    Taste of Home $5 cookbooks

    I LOOOOOVE These cookbooks. Thanks, Mesha! :)
  13. momofbee

    $25 GC with KIA teat drive!!!

    :kekeke: Too funny!
  14. momofbee

    Norwegian Style Slippers $5/FS

  15. momofbee

    Crocs Laguna Flip Flops $5.99 Shipped! Limited Sizes

    Thanks-ordered a pair!
  16. momofbee

    Jackie 55845688221 You have some GREAT bids on your auction girl!!!!

    Jackie 55845688221 You have some GREAT bids on your auction girl!!!!
  17. momofbee

    Sears baby clothes $1.19 and up

    Dang-I bet the ones I ordered would be too small for Rebekah. I know they would. :hs:
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