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  1. mattymatty26

    100 Count 1oz plastic medicine cups $2.49+fs w/prime

    good find, thanks! great for crafts :)
  2. mattymatty26

    $10 cvs egiftcard only $5

    it says you cant use dealster credits fr this, is that the same as the $1 rewards? not too happy about them wanting to access my info at any time and post things to my wall so im gonna have to miss out on the FB credit :(
  3. mattymatty26

    huggies - cheap! @BRUS

    crap im a little late to this post but walmart will price match this sale AND there are $1.50 huggies coupons out there making these $3.50 if you can get them. my BRU was out of all huggies, so i got some earths best and went to wal mart and got some jean ones too for the future. cant beat this...
  4. mattymatty26

    Cheap Crocs

    wow, just scored $125 worth of shoes for $45 with sales and those codes, thanks! :D
  5. mattymatty26

    Eversave - 58% off a year of OK! Magazine

    how? i logged in and it just kept telling me there were no free trade mags that matched me :(
  6. mattymatty26

    Coombs Family Farms 100% Pure Organic Maple Syrup Grade B 32-ounce Jug $14.48

    awesome! been needing to stock up on this for the next time my husband wants to do the "master cleanse". thanks!
  7. mattymatty26

    Splenda Sugar Blend, 2-Pound Bags Pack of 3 $11.97

    how do you find these amazon grocery deals?? theyre always dead by the time i see your post and go there :(
  8. mattymatty26

    Lowe's 10% military discount

    As far as I know, we've never had anything NOT get the discount (even the keyed-in clearance stuff). One cashier said that once and didn't give it to me, but that was HER and not the store. Home Depot also gives mil discount and they are very vet-friendly.
  9. mattymatty26

    Baby Organic Cotton Shorts & Top Set $5.95+fs w/prime

    good deal! it's rare to find organic cotton at a good price, thanks for posting! i got the lavender set for my upcoming arrival :)
  10. mattymatty26

    3.5lb Bag of Pedigree Dog Food TARGET $1.00

    although i would never feed pedigree to my dogs, there are plenty of rescues and shelters that can use the food! especially for this price....homeless doggies arent picky!
  11. mattymatty26

    6 Pack Avent pacifiers for $2.24

    awesome deal if your target still has them...i just discovered that coupon yesterday AFTER i'd already bought 3 packs lol. seems you can never have enough binkies!
  12. mattymatty26

    Skippy peanut butter deals

    half those links are for unavailable products?? none of them are eligible for S&S :(
  13. mattymatty26

    Free $20 shutterfly credit

    my email trash got emptied but im pretty sure the code was in it right at the top. the email i got was pretty short, like "thanks, heres your code" lol
  14. mattymatty26

    BabyLegs 75% off clearance!

    haha right?? but they ARE kinda cute, i picked up a pair at target today for $2.50.
  15. mattymatty26

    26" Westinghouse LD-2655VX 720p LCD LED HDTV $168 shipped

    site says only available from 3rd party sellers and cheapest is $239 + shipping :(
  16. mattymatty26

    Free $20 shutterfly credit

    make sure to enter code under "special offer code" and not "gift certificate/credit" lol...spent more than a few minutes wondering how copy & paste could go wrong lol. Expires 28 Feb 11.
  17. mattymatty26

    Crocs Blowout! ends 1/16

    woooo in for the mary janes :D thanks!
  18. mattymatty26

    75% at Hickory farms

    if its anything like what i've seen, that stuff is GONE! i havent even seen any at our mall (went today) but when i went this time last year, all they had was a couple sausages and some mustard :(
  19. mattymatty26

    75% at Hickory farms

    AGREED! So glad I got some for christmas so I dont have to try finding them in a kiosk somewhere
  20. mattymatty26

    75% at Hickory farms

    at first i was put off by the shipping, but then decided to send my brother in law some goodies in afghanistan....$96 worth of deliciousness for $24!! thanks for posting! my brother in law thanks you too lol
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