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  1. Alicia

    $5/1 + Free shipping code at

    Where do you put the code? I tried where it says gift card coupon but it didn't work.:dunno:
  2. Alicia

    $25 gift cards for $2

    Some also include 18% tip before discount.
  3. Alicia

    Lot 18/ Free Shipping

    Or you can do what I will do with the wine I got...give it to someone for a present or when you get invited somewhere for dinner. :wiggle:
  4. Alicia

    Free glasses at Noon eastern -S&H

    Do we need a code for them to be free?
  5. Alicia

    Lot 18/ Free Shipping

    Free shipping today from 2-5PM only!
  6. Alicia

    Lot 18

    No Problem. Love your avatar! :D
  7. Alicia

    Lot 18

    Shipping is now a bottle of wine for 2.10 with tax and shipping using credit of 20.00. :)
  8. Alicia

    Free Donut at Dunkin's with beverage purchase

    You can get a donut free any day at dunkin with medium beverage by doing online survey and returning your previous receipt.
  9. Alicia

    Lodge Logic 12" Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet $16.73

    price is 26.42?
  10. Alicia

    Mens skechers arcade shoes $3-EXPIRED

    I figured they cancel it once i saw the price change to $56.00!
  11. Alicia

    Mens skechers arcade shoes $3-EXPIRED

    Price is now $56.00 for brown or grey!
  12. Alicia

    $10 off $25 Online Coupon + FREE Shipping To Store ~

    Thanks! SPENDIT didn't work...but CANTBEAT did!
  13. Alicia

    $5 OFF $5 and FS OSP!! WOOT, HOT HOT HOT

    I called them and all 3 of my orders were cxl. Asked why and was told promo code no good. Asked me where I got code and said a friend and was told that is why cxl. Told them they should have at least informed me and was told, yes should have got an email so unless the code was emailed to you...
  14. Alicia

    Kissing Love Couple Keychain - Gift for Couples $0.69 + Free Shipping

    Only gives free shipping...comes up as $3.05:dunno:
  15. Alicia

    $5 OFF $5 and FS OSP!! WOOT, HOT HOT HOT

    Got 3 items ! Thanks!
  16. Alicia

    Hi Heather Cute Turkey!

    Hi Heather Cute Turkey!
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