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    300 Free shirts

    I've gotten stuff from Yovia before (6pk bottle cooler is coming to mind but there was something else as well). You just have to remember, they give out low #'s of items, many people sign up. And (at least with the shirt) it's Random as to who gets them.
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    Possible FREE Wonder Spray Sample Pack... (once their servers are back up)

    "this account has been suspended"
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    Free White Cane for the Blind

    Ditto that. Even though I AM legally blind. I wouldn't touch this one with a ten foot pole. Granted SOME may have completely blind friends/family members. This seems to be a part of an organization that they would already be aware of.
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    $30 for Clorox settlement, today only!! HOT HOT HOT

    I don't think I did this one, but FYI I believe it was the Dannon one, it took over a year for me to get my check. I'd long forgotten about it when it came....
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    N-a-k-e-d Toilet Paper. Get a FREE Cottonelle Brand Roll Cover. Respect the Roll!!!

    Despite signing up when this was first posted. I never even GOT the free one..
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    Tebow stickers

    Ditto on the Yovia thing, haven't yet gotten anything. Which is fine on that. Not a Tebow or broncos fan (And I'm in CO....HA!)
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    FREE $20 fm Serve (like paypal) thru amex

    Do you HAVE to link your acct to get the $10 from trivia?
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    Free Facebook credits

    You guys are lucky! I'm one of the unlucky many who just get errors :( Wish they would fix it!
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    Free Facebook credits

    Dang it I keep getting an error!
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    Free Wire A Cake pen

    Damn, I thought you said Thanks
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    Free subscription to Popular Science

    awesome, thanks :)
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    Free Steak at Outback

    I am not driving 25 miles for a free steak LOL if it was my local one I would!!
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    Free Spotify account from Secret First 40,000

    I'm totally in love with spotify.... I was a little bummed to find out the unlimited portion is only good for 6 months, but ya can't beat free
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    Free Spotify account from Secret First 40,000

    Rock on, thanks!
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    Free $20 Groupon Credit!!!!

    code not valid now..
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    Free $20 Groupon Credit!!!!

    Not working now..
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    Free 4th kind herbal Potpourri sample

    4thkindherbal Potpourri 'Like' us for free samples! A+ rated Due to: Overwhelming Response, our PROMO OFFER OF 'FREE SAMPLES' HAS CONCLUDED! THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO HAS PARTICIPATED! ENJOY!
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    Free Business Card Holder

    Awesome, thanks :)
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    20 Free Facebook credits

    Got them! TY :)
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