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    Free Kashi

    for women only?!?! sexist pigs. they only send out samples to women. and i'm not changing my gender for cereal that makes you poop better.:mad:
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    Free Gemstone from Kellee Maize

    good song this is actually a cool video, i'm not so much into rap, but its a pretty good song, i just wish they threw in a free download with this promotion.
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    Free NasaFlo Neti Pot

    did you get a response back saying if your submission was successful or not? i didn't. do you have to put in your drs information to, i'd rather keep that information to myself.
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    Free Mariani Honey Bar

    got the tote
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    Finally Reward Level 1 at - Day 22

    got to level one today, finally! does anyone know how to check how many points you have? the indicator thingy really isn't all that accurate, sometimes it moves and sometimes it doesn't. I guess from a marketing perspective it makes sense, if you know you are mathematically eliminated from...
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    Finally Reward Level 1 at - Day 22

    what are you going for? just out of curiosity what rewards are you all going for, I have two accounts, I'm going for the zippo on the first one, and if i make gold, the camcorder on the second one, if i can't make gold i'll get the poker set. mike
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