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  1. aguilar_9

    AMA House Party

    My sister got in yesterday too! She was so surprised to hear from them so quickly! Thanks for the heads up!
  2. aguilar_9

    Ay te watcho :) lol we're silly!

    Ay te watcho :) lol we're silly!
  3. aguilar_9

    USPS Sample Showcase

    I got this info from DSM The U.S. Postal service is sponsoring a new product sampling experience. Take the short 3-question questionnaire to see if you qualify Welcome to the Sample Showcaseâ„¢. The Sample Showcase is a new product sampling experience that is being sponsored by the US...
  4. aguilar_9

    Possible free Merona handbags at Target

    I don't see the coupon:dunno:
  5. aguilar_9

    Free Burt's Bee's Toothpaste sample

    I just got this email! Sweet!
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