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  1. Allison

    Free Burger King Kid's Meal -coupon

    Worked for me at our local Burger King;) My 2 yr old Sydney thanks you!! :wavey:
  2. Allison

    Starfall Learning to Read Website

    Just added it to my favorites list!! TY!! My daughter is "graduating" kindergarten now but this will be fun for her to play with this summer and keep all the stuff she learned fresh in her mind. Plus my 3 yr old is always wanting to play on the computer so this will be great for her!! Thanks again!!
  3. Allison

    Free Betty Crocker warm delight ... ce=90&raf= If I didn't do this right I am sorry in advance! :x:
  4. Allison

    Glade Flameless/AZ only

    I put in my info but left the AZ and it took me to the page to print the coupon so I guess it really doesn't matter if you live in AZ or not. And yeah it is a buy one get one free!
  5. Allison

    free band it sample

    How is this free when you pay $7.99?
  6. Allison

    FREE Custom Camel Cigarette Dispenser

    There is something wrong with your link> I am unable to get it to work. I also received this in the mail and went directly to their website to put in my Personal ID# that they also sent along with that letter in the mail but the link on the site isn't working either. On their message board other...
  7. Allison

    Free case of little debbie muffins -for events

    The muffins are shipped about a week before the event that they are planned for. My event is June 5, so I am hoping for them the last week of May. As far as the other stuff, yeah i agree what would keep the mail man from pocketing some cool stuff!!LOL!! Actually too most of my Walmart samples...
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