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    Camel Fleece Blanket $5.99/.99 shipping

    They said they were too backordered and they had to cancel it.
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    Camel Fleece Blanket $5.99/.99 shipping

    Nevermind. I ordered 2 blankets on the 20th and they just canceled my order :(
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    Camel Fleece Blanket $5.99/.99 shipping

    Roaman's VIP Free Shiping on your first purchase RD19755 Exp 1/1/11
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    Amazon Pike Street Throw ONLY $8.91!

    I bought 2. We love blankets! :)
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    Free Zipcar membership, driving credit and "car free" survival kit

    Yay I got in. I need to meet with them on Wednesday to pick up my membership. Got free ($50) membership, free ($40) application & $150 free driving credits :)
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    Free Periodic Table Magnet and Tri-Color Highlighter

    If anyone gets this, I'd love to trade for it.
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    Free Netflix for one month

    Do you have to give them a credit card number?
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    FREE!! KFC 2 pc. Grilled Chicken Meal

    :( Told me I'd printed the max the very first time I tried to print!
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