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  1. pebblesminidash

    Free fine gift soap samples

    Thanks!! :)
  2. pebblesminidash

    Possible Free Tropicana Orange Juice

    Got it! Thanks!! :D
  3. pebblesminidash

    Free Orville Redenbacher's Cheddar Cheese Popcorn

    I got this from the Kroger one a while back, we weren't that fond of it. Couldn't really taste the cheese, it was more greasy than anything. However, our neighbors got it and loved it. I'm really glad we got a sample of it though, because it's one of those things my husband would buy in the...
  4. pebblesminidash


  5. pebblesminidash

    "Possible" Free Olay Pro-X

    Does it have to have a phone number to go through?? I normally don't put my number on things like that.
  6. pebblesminidash

    Coupon for free box of Kraft Mac&Cheese

    Thanks!! Love this stuff!!! :)
  7. pebblesminidash

    Free Cookbook -- Download Under the featured news, it will let you download a free copy of his 20th anniversary cookbook.
  8. pebblesminidash

    Free Duck Brand Patterned Packaging Tape Sample

    I can't get into it either.
  9. pebblesminidash

    Free sample of Lever 2000 -costco members

    We have a Sams Membership, there isn't a Costco on this site of town, but yes, they are a lot alike meg1111.
  10. pebblesminidash

    New Olay Rebate 2/14-3/12

    I'm with you, I know I have them but I have no idea where. Haha. I shall find them later and use them tomorrow for the rebate. :)
  11. pebblesminidash

    Free Lemonhead candy Sample

    Thanks!!!! My mom loves these!
  12. pebblesminidash

    free mascara loreal first 500

    I never could get it to work either. :dunno:
  13. pebblesminidash

    free mascara loreal first 500

    It takes me to your yahoo account??
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