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  1. PlainVanilla

    Free Facebook credits

    Same here...and I've only found 22 now. Add if you want,
  2. PlainVanilla

    Free Facebook credits

    Man that's the easiest 17 FB creds I've earned in awhile and for just opening a couple pages. Thanks.
  3. PlainVanilla

    Free Ohero Trident Fishing hook and leader sample

    Sorry we are currently all out of fluorocarbon leader samples…
  4. PlainVanilla

    Free Comply Foam Tips for headphones

    Sorry! Due to overwhelming response to our offer, we have exhausted our supply of free Comply™ Foam Tips. Join our email list for the inside scoop on future promotions. Thanks for visiting!
  5. PlainVanilla

    Free subscription to EQ music magazine

    Temporarily Unavailable. Thank you for your interest in EQ. Due to the overwhelming response, we apologize that this offer is temporarily unavailable.
  6. PlainVanilla

    Free Country Bobs All Purpose Sauce

    Thanks this was good stuff. I was already in the db once but I picked up a little trick that might work for some of you: Spell out the numbers in your street name, if you've abbreviated st, blvd, ave then try spelling those out too. So 4530 S 8th Ave could be: 4530 South 8th Ave 4530 S 8th...
  7. PlainVanilla

    Free 99 most essential winter classics mp3 music downloads

    Got the email link from them with the download as a zip but it kept timing out. Anyone else have good luck with this one?
  8. PlainVanilla

    5 Free sports cards

    Thanks, my best friend's son is nuts about sports stuff so he'll love these.
  9. PlainVanilla

    Free Lenox reciprocating saw blade

    I never got this the last 2 times it was out.
  10. PlainVanilla

    Mail Offer for Marlboro Free Keychain - Clues 1-5

    Yeah that hand is called the Dead Man's Hand. Hickok was the first well-known gunfighter to die while holding it.
  11. PlainVanilla

    Free utility flashlight-EXPIRED

    Not Found The requested URL /flashlight_survey.php was not found on this server. Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.
  12. PlainVanilla

    Free coffee AND mug

    You WILL get calls from this company on a regular basis if you put in a valid phone number. Plus a really thick catalog.
  13. PlainVanilla

    Free GoodBelly Tote Bag

    Refer 5 friends to be eligible for the free tote.
  14. PlainVanilla

    Free L.A. Fuel Gum

    It went to the page for me but other than a background image, nothing else loaded. Sat there for about 5 minutes before giving up.
  15. PlainVanilla

    Free Longtail t-shirt on april 25

    Happy Plumber's Day! Thanks for taking the Proof of Plumbership Quiz. We'll tally up the entries on 4/26 and will email you within a few days if you're one of the shirt winners. 1. Which of the following is NOT part of standard home plumbing? Water supply Fixtures Drainage Bidet...
  16. PlainVanilla

    Free Aspen Brownie Works sample

    Rats, I was interested in this one: Sorry, the page you requested was not found. Additionally, a 410 Gone error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request. Please check the URL for proper spelling and capitalization. If you're having trouble locating a...
  17. PlainVanilla

    Free prodlix guitar pickholder & 5 black picks

    Ok let's see if this shows up this time. Last time I saw it, they never arrived--but they also didn't have the email confirmation like they do now.
  18. PlainVanilla

    Flyingshare Christmas usb flash drive

    I just tried it, popped a link to another site after it submitted but I also got this on their site so we'll see: You've successfully submited FlyingShare Christmas flash drive request form! Please allow 2-3 weeks to receive your drive. Edit: Actually it pops up different url's after...
  19. PlainVanilla

    Free Country Bobs All Purpose Sauce

    Bummer, can't get another bottle since my address is already in their database. Too bad, it was good sauce.
  20. PlainVanilla

    Free stamps from Mystic stamp company

    I used to belong to most of those stamp services. On Approval usually means that they'll bill you for the stamps if you choose to keep them.
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