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  1. surberd

    teen harlequin panel

    New teen panel group for teens: :bigthumb:
  2. surberd

    Vogue Insider

    I searched & did not find this anywhere. The link was emailed to me today by Vogue. I signed up, I hope it will work for you! :bigthumb:
  3. surberd


    Yeah!!! Thanks, I got 3 movies for $4. What a deal! :wiggle:
  4. surberd

    Free degree deodorant sample

    Okay, so I tried it again.....still says no longer available. :eek3: :wtc:
  5. surberd

    Free degree deodorant sample

    just tried it, said no longer available :wtc:
  6. surberd

    Free Hannah Montana phone call

    This looks really fun!! My daughter will love it! :D
  7. surberd

    Free JCp gift card

    Not sure this is the right forum, but here goes: For a free $10 JCpenney gift card When you buy any 4 different participating Kraft products and spend $50 or more at Publix. Offer valid 7/28/08 - 8/22/08. ONLY FOR: AL, TN, FL,GA OR SC.......I'm...
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