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    Free Sample Head & Shoulders Itchy Scalp Care (Viewpoints) Quantities are limited, so hurry! You must be a member of Viewpoints, but you can sign up in link above and it's free.
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    Free copy of No Dogs Allowed! Book

    Woops... Sorry, no posts we're found.
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    Free World's Softest Teddy Bear

    Mine came last week. It's really cute!
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    The Hosties New Sponsorship Opportunity

    Actually you have to start at this link and click "go to application" under profile picture on left. It is getting hard hit, but worked earlier. You need 6 people accept (rsvp) your party invite and they'll send you the freebies.
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    Free John Frieda sheer Blonde Sample

    I got this: You were redirected to this screen because the product you tried to access is in test mode. To access a test project, you must first enter your customer id and password. After you login, you will be redirected back to your product landing page. You wll not see this screen...
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    Free Polished Stone Dice -NOT LEGIT

    I called the real company and they were very grateful to learn that they'd been cloned. They're even sending me a gift. :)
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    Free Sweet Wheat Sample Pack

    Any idea what this is about?
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    Free U.S.-Israel Flag Pin

    You'd think their Trustwave would work. I never got the magnet from them either.
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    Free U.S.-Israel Flag Pin

    Careful, this is a fake site that will spam you heavily if you sign up. Click the "Trustwave" icon on bottom of page - they don't recognize them either. lol If you go to the root domain ( it says it's a placeholder and then redirects you to a digital marketing company. They've also...
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    Free Aussie-tizer Coupon from Outback

    Thanks! Please click on the button below to print your certificate for a Free Aussie-tizer with purchase of an entrée (valid only in YOUR STATE?, Monday-Thursday).
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    Free Glasses from Coastal Contacts (11/12) *First 10,000*

    You CAN do it, you'll just pay a little more for the extra (bifocals)
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    Free Issue of Working Mother -digital

    Says free 8 digital issues
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    Humane Society Youth Messager Bag

    They have various missions where you can get stuff for doing academic requirements
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    Free stuff from Doctor Oz tomorrow 11/2

    First 1000 at 3 pm Eastern tomorrow (11/2) get a free 90-day membership to 24Hour Fitness
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    Free Bottle of Mini Chill relaxation for referring friends

    Okay, I have 27 and it says it's going to charge me $4 shipping. ugh!
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    Free Flixsticks Sample

    This one doesn't come. :(
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    Free Sample K9 FullFlex Hip & Joint Formula for Dogs

    The domain for this one is registered to a known pay-per-click scam site (per & google)
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    free bumpit

    It was a contest (even though it looked like a giveaway and everyone thought it was). They still have a list of the winners on one of their Facebook tabs. I won, I got one. <:)
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    Free Baby Calendar

    This is an oldie... just wondering if anyone ever got it? I don't think I did...
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    Free subscription to Women's Health

    from what I hear it helps to say you're younger than 30 :)
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