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  1. laurelnev

    Get HitFilm 2 Express (Win/Mac) for free

    BUMPing, as offer has been extended through Feb 4.
  2. laurelnev

    Get HitFilm 2 Express (Win/Mac) for free

    This powerful $149 video editor lets you add a wide range of cool effects (blood spatter, anyone?) to your movies. Plus: a $100 image editor, also free! See for details.
  3. laurelnev

    Get CCleaner Professional - Free license key

    Usually, software giveaways are limited in time. I would not expect a software giveaway posted 4 months ago to be working today.
  4. laurelnev

    FREE Tofu Sofritas Entree at Chipotle

    What is a Tofu Sofritas? LOVE tofu, except I have to admit, I read this as "tofu sopapillas", and was like "that sounds strange..." No longer have a Chipoltle near me, so someone PLEASE satisfy my curiosity. :)
  5. laurelnev

    ONE DAY ONLY: Bidet for $35 shipped (10/23)

    Good reviews on Amazon and over $50 elsewhere. Requires no electricity, and reviews say it's a simple install. I have to replace a failing toilet "innards" soon anyway, and I've always wanted a bidet.
  6. laurelnev

    Gevalia K-Cups (48 Ct.) + Free French Press (Free Gift) for $14.99 Shipped

    That is the STRANGEST pairing I've ever seen! What use are k-cups in a french press? Seems to me a grinder and some dark roast coffee would go MUCH better. I mean, isn't the whole POINT of investing in a keurig so you don't have to fuss w/ contraptions like a french press to get a good cuppa...
  7. laurelnev

    Free Music Downloads For those who haven't heard elsewhere, the new Nine Inch Nails song is free for a limited time on Amazon. For folks who Toad the Wet Sprocket is more their speed will give you a free EP download...
  8. laurelnev

    F-Secure Antivirus 2013 - Free 1 year license key

    If anyone is using Norton or McAfee, jump on this offer. This is a top tier program. Of course, they're hoping you'll pay to keep it when the year is up, so if you're happy w/ MSE, AVG, Avira, and/or Comodo, all are also good (as long as you use them in conjunction w/ malwarebytes and/or...
  9. laurelnev

    Sample Box of Gourmet Food for $2 Shipping

    WTG! Looks like I should have googled before I clicked! (New expression to replace looked before I leapt. :D) Looking at my earlier post, I did leave out the 5th item: spinach-kale chips. I hate spinach, and I gave them away, which is probably why I forgot. :) And, evidently, if you're a...
  10. laurelnev

    Sample Box of Gourmet Food for $2 Shipping

    I just joined Goodies, which is only $7/mo. Got my 1st box last week. It had: Salted Caramel by Cosmo Creations Melt-in-your-mouth morsel of oven baked corn wrapped in a crisp coating of buttery sea salted caramel; you’ve never tasted corn this heavenly before. Grain Crisps Sea Salt by...
  11. laurelnev

    TODAY (Sunday 7/14) ONLY: Free Blu-Ray to MKV Ripper

    Bits du Jour has 4Videosoft Blu-ray to MKV Ripper for free, today only. You'll need to answer a survey if you do not have Facebook. If you have Facebook, the offer requires a couple of likes. Despite the name, this rips both DVDs and BDs, as well as converts to a number of formats. If you...
  12. laurelnev

    Possible Free or Cheap Lingerie

    Thank you to all my FST friends. I resisted feeding the troll. If you look at the troll's posting history, he joined just to flame me. As you all know, I post a lot of quality posts, and have for several years. InstantKarma knew I was not trying to "demean" her when I warned folks about...
  13. laurelnev

    Possible Free or Cheap Lingerie

    So you joined the forum just to flame me? Honored that was your very 1st post. If you had been around here longer, you'd know that by pointing out the "fine print", no one will blame her if/when they get a bill for a hard to cancel subscription. I do not think Instantkarma was offended in...
  14. laurelnev

    Poss. $1 Mp3 credit w/ instant video rental

    Amazon has a bunch of Instant Video titles on sale for .99 this w/e. (see I rented one (paris, Texas, which was slow, but ultimately a 5 star movie) and got a $1 Mp3 credit. Figure...
  15. laurelnev

    Possible Free or Cheap Lingerie

    Just be aware you're signing up for a monthly club, and if you don't want to purchase, you have to click "skip" by the 5th of the month. Once you've chosen your first product to purchase, you automatically become a Adore Me Preferred Recurring Member. If you do not wish to make a selection...
  16. laurelnev

    kelloggs Rewards Heads Up

    They currently have a reusable shopping bag on sale for 1000 points, down from 2000. For folks like me who get points from the e-mails only, this is a great way to use them. It's while supplies last.
  17. laurelnev

    Best Buy Deal of the Day

    Best Buy has flash drives as their Deal of the Day today. I bought the 8 gb for $6 to use up a reward zone certificate that's about to expire. If you have a $5 certificate that's going to expire, this is a good thing to buy. (It included shipping.) And if you played the Reward Zone, check...
  18. laurelnev

    Free Flatbread @ Chilis Join their e-mail club & get a free flatbread. (Not personally tested...
  19. laurelnev

    Sign up for Xbox One pre-order notification, get $10 Microsoft store credit.

    Sign up for Xbox One pre-order notification, get $10 Microsoft store credit.
  20. laurelnev

    Free Ms PacMan for Ios or (Can't verify, as I do not have ios, but the link opens the itunes store on my system anyway.)
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