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  1. purplebrinagal

    A Place to go to earn free giftcards

    One would be You can earn giftcards there. Another would be Bzzagent. I have been on there a very long time. You evaluate products they send to you, and write small reports of what others think about it or what you discuss about it, and get points to cash-out for different...
  2. purplebrinagal

    A Place to go to earn free giftcards

    If your interested in finding places to earn points for giftcards. is one of them You have to post topics or stories etc, but overtime you get up enough points to get giftcards to Omaha Steaks Barnes and Nobles etc. I have only gotten one $10.00 giftcard from there, but I also...
  3. purplebrinagal

    Free Digestive Sample From Walmart

    Just came out today :wink: For those with Digestive problems ... 10036.aspx
  4. purplebrinagal

    Free Rhinaris Dry Nose Gel or Mist Sample

    I sent off for this one. I hope it helps my oldest daughter. She has very bad allergies and we have been through countless medicines from doctors. Thanks Chris
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