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  1. aradia1963

    Free Personalized Calendar (req Facebook)

    Thanks. :)
  2. aradia1963

    $30 for Clorox settlement, today only!! HOT HOT HOT

    Got mine today also! Nice find. :)
  3. aradia1963

    free shirts

    I have never received one thing from Yovia either. Not one thing.
  4. aradia1963

    free shirts and win a tent from REI

    Thanks. Will check it out. :)
  5. aradia1963

    Free Networking Class From Stanford. And other free class @ Stanford

    How neat. Plenty of college, but seems interesting.
  6. aradia1963

    FREE Pink Cookware Set w/ $30 P&G Purchase

    Thank you! Found one near me! First time. :)
  7. aradia1963

    Free T-shirt 1st 1000 Fans

    I guess this is one of those wait and see things.
  8. aradia1963

    Free Maybelline BB Cream Sample

    Thanks. :)
  9. aradia1963

    Free Perfect Diet Pills Sample(30 pack)

    Thanks. :)
  10. aradia1963

    Free Computer Brush

    Thanks. :)
  11. aradia1963

    Free K-Cup Over-Ice Samples : Target for $0 + free shipping

    I only found the contact solution to. They must be out already.
  12. aradia1963

    Free $3 Amazon Credit

    Thanks! Got it. :)
  13. aradia1963

    Free Kitchen Scissors

    Thanks. Mine worked great. :)
  14. aradia1963

    Newcastle Brown Ale glass or $2 check - thru Facebook

    I had such a hard time getting this to work for me, so I quit trying them and messaged them. They sent me the nicest note and had me email them my info and I am getting my glass. They are really nice! :)
  15. aradia1963

    FREE Nine Inch Nails "The Slip" Album Download

    Thanks. I am going to download it now. :)
  16. aradia1963

    free PringlesSpeaker via mail-inrebate when you purchase fourcans of Super Stack

    Or with four special peel off seals under the lids.
  17. aradia1963

    Free apron

    Thanks. :)
  18. aradia1963

    Free McDonalds Cherry Berry Chiller

    EVERYTHING at McDonald's is nasty. I contracted Bacterial Salmonella Poisoning there. Two weeks in the hospital, and almost lost my life.
  19. aradia1963

    FREE Flip Flops

    Ordered mine last night.
  20. aradia1963

    silkies orders.....

    No order for me yet either. I hope I get it. :)
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