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    Double Points Day at MyCokeRewards

    Just got it in my email. Today is Double Points Day!! 1/25/11
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    Free Captivating Curls Starter Kit
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    Free Itunes playlist from I know this works as I'm downloading the songs as we speak. The redemtion code is in the center of the page and different each time its refreshed. Its 11 free country songs. Promo expires 4/30/10 Enjoy!
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    $50 if your qualify for 90 min study

    *Thank you for your answers! We will review your responses, and may contact you with some follow up questions regarding participation in this upcoming project
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    free t shirts

    Well that would really suck but I ordered so I'll let ya know.;)
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    free t shirts
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    Free Orient watch mystery bag

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    Free $25 GC to

    Oh no! You're too late! We only give away 500 free gift cards each day and they go quick! Come back tomorrow at 12 o'clock (noon) Eastern
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    free fizzy wizzies bath tabs

    well that sucks.. thought i would try.
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    free fizzy wizzies bath tabs
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    New Nikwax survey New Survey just recieved in my email today:jump: Win a free bottle of Nikwax Footwear Cleaning Gel
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    free "big kahuna reef" download from amazon

    Thanks bunches! I love this game :D
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    freebie for the money section for walmart?

    Sweet! I'll have to check into that! thanx
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    100 Disney Movie Points

    Your Welcome! Did you need the link or did you find it?
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    100 Disney Movie Points

    login, click the blu-ray tab, then click play all and let the whole thing play at the end you should get the msg "Thank you for watching! You have been awarded 100 Disney Movie Rewards points." I just completed mine :bigthumb:
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    Free Charmin Extender
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