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    Hi all!! I am a long time member from back in the day! I stopped through to see whats been going on!! If you remember me stop in and say hello! If you dont remember me thats cool too stop in and say hello as well!! I hope everyone has been getting those deals and entering those contests! Happy...
  3. mamicita

    Heads Up Check your local Dollar General!

    :run:They are having an awesome clearance sale right now!!! My local DG is giving 70% off the clearance price! They also have some household items like hampers marked 25% off and then you get an additional 70% off the new price!! The clothing clearance is 50% off and then an additional 70% off...
  4. mamicita

    $30 for Clorox settlement, today only!! HOT HOT HOT

    I just got this in the mail today!! WOW
  5. mamicita

    Happy Birthday Chris....and me...

    Happy birthday to both of you!! Thanks Chris for all that you do! ;)
  6. mamicita

    SUBWAY® $5 FOOTLONG™ FebruANY™ Deal

    :yum::yum: just told my daughters we were going there for dinner!! they wanted the cookout for lunch but I told them if we eat at home for lunch we can have subway for dinner!!!:wiggle::drool:
  7. mamicita

    Free Patak’s Party Kit

    If you don't get yours you should post a comment on their wall. I seen someone posted on their wall and they told them when their package would be delivered.:h5::fingersx:
  8. mamicita

    Free Patak’s Party Kit

    I got mine yesterday too! So cute the way it was wrapped
  9. mamicita

    Amazon cereal deals

  10. mamicita

    Help lol

    :h5:Thank you! I will check them out! Never thought to look there:kekeke:
  11. mamicita

    Help lol

    Its a ok deal. But I know I can get it cheaper :cool:
  12. mamicita

    Help lol

    :h5:;):bigthumb::v: thank you so much. I ordered one!
  13. mamicita

    Help lol

    Yes, I'm hoping someone else will reply with a good deal:fingersx:.I still have it in the plastic sleeve it came's good to keep the fingerprints off the screen. I make sure my daughters are very careful when they play their apps on it.:h5: Yes, I have the ipad2. I love it. I won it from...
  14. mamicita

    Help lol

    I checked there and read the reviews for them.some people used all of the pack b4 they got it right. I kno people seek out deals online and I used to get help finding great deals on here way back in the day.:h5:;)
  15. mamicita

    Help lol

    Can someone point me in the direction for a good cheap ipad2 screen protector? Walmart had them for 30$ I'm sure I can get it cheaper online. Thanks in advance :h5::bigthumb::fingersx:
  16. mamicita

    $20 Old Navy credit for $10 on groupon

    When does this end?
  17. mamicita

    Leap Frog Didj Gift Pack for only $25!!

    man what a good deal!!!i wish i could afford this!!!!:(
  18. mamicita

    *HOT HOT* Sally's Beauty Supply Deals!

    got my order but no free gift!!!i dont care bc i got what i needed!!jea!
  19. mamicita

    Free stuff from Allure this week

    i forget to do this!!and i never get it in time!!lol :) good luck to those who get through!
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