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    StumbleUpOn Amazon GiftCards

    look at their facebook they havent paid alot of people me included sent me a generic form letter i call BS they just dont want to pay
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    Baby Alive Dolls $7.99

    these are cute and a great price Im so bummed my amazon mom/prime ended that was such a blessing to have free shipping I wanted to order a DVD the other night and they wanted $7.98 to ship it!
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    $5 off Toddler shoes on (some are free)

    from what I read on hip2save you have to have a target card to get this deal it is only for cardholders :(
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    Staples $0.01, $0.25, and $1 deal 07/10-07/13

    man i wished we had a staples close! can this stuff be bought online at these prices?
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    Is this too good?

    I got one of these too and Im leary just because it does seem to good to be true lol have to pay shipping and the 9% from what I understand
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    $20 Old Navy credit for $10 on groupon

    sweet!! they sent me a $10 off code the other day in the email to buy my first groupon so I snagged this one!
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    Womens' SO Flip-Flops $1.69

    i need new ones do you know how long the codes are good for? I couldnt order until next week
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    Free Personalized Disney Beach towel with DMR points

    these went fast! I was debating since I have 3 girls that all love disney I knew i couldnt get 1 but I was gonna get it for a gift and by the time I went back to do it they were all gone that was only about 30 minutes difference too
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    Free subscription to all you magazine

    i got this in an email but it said it was a digital subscription so i deleted the email
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    Possible Free Coffee-Mate Party kit

    I was denied but then tonight got an email saying they had some spots open up so they sent me a pack! I picked the art party as I have young kids who will put the art stuff to good use
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    Free Tree In A Box from Johnson's Naturals -EXPIRED

    I always miss the good stuff I give up
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    Free nike shoes on tuesday from Doctor Oz

    couldnt even get the form to load oh well but I did hit the amazon motherload today so I just might spend that on some new shoes LOL
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    Kohls boys and Girls sleepwear $1.62 + .99 shipping

    its ok, thanks for posting! hope others can get some good deals I was gonna rep you but it says i need to spread some more love before I can rep you again:bigthumb:
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    Kohls boys and Girls sleepwear $1.62 + .99 shipping

    I have $0 cash, dont use charge cards and no bank card LOL, I called and they said the order was already processed and being shipped today so they couldnt do anything oh well cant get all the good deals:rofl:
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    Kohls boys and Girls sleepwear $1.62 + .99 shipping

    OMG Im so upset! I just used the kohls cash I had on kitchen towels!!
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    Baby Phat: $20 off $20 coupon good for shipping too = free items?

    Im just going to say this because it happens alot, for all the peeps making several orders for themselves ( and im not pinpointing anyone here because I have seen it on SEVERAL of the other sites I go to ) that just doesnt leave anything for anyone else I saw 2 shirts for my girls but of course...
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    Just Letting Everyone Know That...

    nevermind I just had to read the whole thread LOL missed this one
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    Performance Fleece Scarves $1 at Old Navy B&M, 12/18 only

    they should allow these online too i dont live near a store and all my girls and myself included need scarves
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