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    Free customized pet ID tag

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    Free Almond Snack Tin

    No More
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    Free Crazy Ed’s Roadkill Beef Jerky sample

    No more Samples
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    Free Loreal Telescopic Mascara

    Offer Expired.
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    Free pair of Moen SecureMount wall Anchors

    This IS spam.
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    Free Big Stretch caulk cartridge -coupon

    Sorry, but I see nothing about a coupon.
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    Free Mini Lock

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    Free stylish eyeglass case

    This has been around for awhile & I have never received it.
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    ShopText 1st 500 Seventeen Pedicure Kit

    You must have signed up at shop text at some point.:confused: Go to & sign up there.
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    *** Sample Of Ibunex Cream (For Muscle And Joint Pain) ***
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    Possible free year of HBO for comcast customers

    I called my area, it is a promotional bundle deal. You have to sign up for a period of time to get this. Maybe a year contract. Also, once you sign up, you cannot remove you can however add on.
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    Free Clean & Clear Makeup Dissolving Wipes

    Sample from Clean & Clear, Text Text DISSOLVE to 467467. It will take about 5 texts or so to complete. Just a heads up for those who do not have unlimited text.
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    Free Herbal Candle

    Yep it sure is.
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    Free lotion

    I thought I have seen this before. Thanks Chris
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    Free Keychain

    Not sure about this, but I don't think that it will come.
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    Free Mini Bomb Toy from Tenacious Toys

    This is dead. Hello! Thank you so much for your interest in our Custom Bomb Show-Off project! Regrettably we have already sent out all of the Bombs that we have in stock so we will not be able to fulfill your request for a free Bomb.. I do hope you'll visit our website to check out...
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    Free KY Intrigue lubricant Sample

    It will not work on Firefox
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    Free KY Intrigue lubricant Sample

    Nothing here to fill out.
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