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    FREE 2ct Sample of Ecover Automatic Dishwasher Tablets

    Don't understand the directions. The link takes you to Ecover, where is an Alice account located? Never mind sorry, I found it but have refreshed many many times and nothing yet.
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    Free copy of Oprah's class journal

    Click the red line that says create an account and it will go through. :bigthumb:
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    10 Free American Flag Decals - SASE required

    I got these, they are great! Good for scrapbooking too!:bigthumb:
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    Free gifts from the John C. Lincoln Health Network

    Went through for me! Kentucky. :)
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    Free Into the Wild 2 oz body lotion at Bath & Body Works

    Online shipping is 9.99. Anyway to get free shipping?
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    free Kraft cheese with a touch of Philly

    Don't understand what this means. I have a kraft account but never heard of first taste account.
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    free renuzit

    Can't find it. What zip code did you use?
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    Free Paper Textures

    Unsure of what to do here. Where do we sign up for this? At end of page?
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    Free Tide Stain Release

    Ok where will it be on the fb page, the wall or special offers or where? Last time I spent all my time trying to find it. Thanks.
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    Free Milani Lip color on February 8

    Got that too. I have gotten that before too. I usually wait a few days and contact customer service per email and tell them to cancel. I hate those kind of freebies but the prize is good.
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    Free Milani Lip color on February 8

    Yeah just entered. Thanks. I found the link on another freebie site.
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    Free Milani Lip color on February 8

    Not open yet, 9:04 EST. The link comes up without the milani on the end. Assuming it will come up right when they start it. :confused:
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    Free stuff from Doctor Oz next week

    You have to watch a video???
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    Free ThermaCare -coupon

    Where is the link? Is it gone? Ok, see now that it's over. Drats!
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    Free 100% Pure Dead Sea Mineral Mud from Face Naturals

    Not free, $2.95 after code is applied.
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    Free Clean Shower fresh fragrance sample

    Invalid code.:confused:
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    Free nike shoes on tuesday from Doctor Oz

    But where is the form? Is it where you register or somewhere else?
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    Free nike shoes on tuesday from Doctor Oz

    Where's the form?
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    Kraft first taste Greek Non-Fat Yogurt coupon

    Accounts? Why would it be under accounts? That is just your personal information. I couldn't find it.
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