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    Free stuff from Sample Showcase

    i also didn't qualify :(
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    Free $5 Starbucks Gift Card

    I got the same email , I won't be liking them on fb either forget it ! I read the whole email and at the bottom it reads this : Sponsor further reserves the right to immediately remove the credit, or any unused portion of the credit, at any time should you remove the "Like" of Beget from your...
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    Free Red Gold Tote Bag

    Yeah I did, i tried fire fox numerous times but it didn't work. When I tried it in IE it went thru :uh:
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    Groupon: $20 Barnes&Noble GC for $10

    I did it through the form they have. I have credits on my account and I can see from my ipod app that they used the credit I have on my account instead of my credit card.
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    Free $14 Zipcar Credit

    Aww didn't work for me :( says :We weren't able to redeem this gift, as it has already been redeemed! too bad
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    Free Tropi Treats Dried Pineapple Bites samples

    i got the same message too
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