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    Free subscription to PC World

    Is not accepting any one for That mag.
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    Possible free stuff from P&G on monday

    After 1hr I finally got it.It was harder then
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    free cream of wheat cinnabon sample

    I sign up last year and I got my sample
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    Free Pyrex Pot Holder

    Thank you also.
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    Free Carton of Egg Beaters tomorrow

    Got in also
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    Free ThermaCare -coupon

    It won't even give me the form page.Trying for the past 20min.
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    Just Letting Everyone Know That...

    I got one today also.:h5:
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    Free calorie counter jump rope

    I also got a thank you for submission.
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    Free pair of no nonsense socks

    Thanks Chris! I love it when a man help keep my feet warm lol
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    Free Little Bit of Philly Tote Bag

    Just the kind of bag a ex-Philly girl need lol
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    Possible Free Tropicana Orange Juice

    I also want to thank everyone for the codes. Also learned patience=free free=patience took almost one hour to get it must been overloaded.
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    Free Sunglass cloth

    Might be the most exciting thing I do to day:naughty::fingersx::D
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    Free Suave Professionals Sample on 5/13

    It is working now.I just got mine.YEA!
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    Free CHI-CHI'S reusable bag

    Me too:dunno:
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    Tetley Tea Recipe Booklet, sample and coupon

    I think you need a cup of tetley tea.::kekeke: I always print one then check it out-then print more.Just in case.
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    Thank you for inviting me to be your friend!:D

    Thank you for inviting me to be your friend!:D
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    FREE Handicapped Fraud printables or stickies with SASE

    I agree with you Krissy. Some people may have other conditions that you can not see physicaly.ex heart and lung problems or spinal back problem,also leg circulation. I run errands with my work van and take my clients places and a lot of time I will park in a reg parking spot so it give my self...
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    sample of Dunkin Donut coffee

    It rejected me .Now I am going have to eat choclate for my caffiene fix:jump:
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    DVT Awareness Kit

    How much are you paying?:naughty: I know where the town they moved to .Wernerville They did lived in the town that is next to me. In fact the girl Jon was suppose to be having affair with is a ex co worker cousin.
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    Free Oscar Mayer Beef Franks at 9AM -coupon

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