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  1. destyne

    Free Americam Music Awards party Kit

    anyone know what the super party part of it is?
  2. destyne

    Free Americam Music Awards party Kit

    my sister got this one last year and this year, i have no clue how i get stuck with all the teen girls at my house and my mom gets the night off at hers lol.
  3. destyne

    Groupon: $20 Barnes&Noble GC for $10

    they used my credits as we;;
  4. destyne

    Free $25 Credit

    my credits are gone, im highly disapointed!
  5. destyne

    Free $25 Credit

    i went to use my credit today on headphones and its gone.
  6. destyne

    Anyone Else Get This E-mail From BZZ Agent??

    i have att now but my contract is up at the end of this month and i was considering switching to straigh talk.
  7. destyne

    $10 groupon credit-EXPIRED

    yay finally got one.
  8. destyne

    Bare Escentuals: Bare Minerals Eye Kit + 2 Free Mascara Samples $7 + Free Shipping

    ugh im so disappointed, i had the be real kit in my cart, putting in cc numbers and it popped up it was out of stock. i called them and they said they can sell it to me for 9.50 plus 6.95 shipping and no freebies. boo
  9. destyne

    free terra chips party

    i have not gone anything fom them at all, but i can sign in on the party manager page.
  10. destyne

    Sears Facebook buy one egift card get one free $5

    so 3 for all 3 stores or 3 per store?
  11. destyne

    free $10 groupon credit

    i always miss these i have a whole 5.00 for groupon :(
  12. destyne

    Free Coobie Seamless Bra for referring friends

    yeah i dont have any friends doing it either and i want this bra :(
  13. destyne

    JCP Home Mailer. keep your eye out!

    mine was 10 off 25, but im going tommorrow to look.
  14. destyne

    Gillette Fusion Special issue Armed Forces Razor $8.97

    yeah i was wanting the marine sone too. boo
  15. destyne

    P&GEStore deal

    ok the olay wash's work except the ribbons wont work.
  16. destyne

    WOW!$175 in Murad Products W/"The Water Secret" Book Purchase-EXPIRED

    let me please say i am fine with the sample items if they had not leaked every where, i understand it was a freebie offer i have a book and now 2 samples. i complained because they leaked. im not sure what murad is going to do as i have not heard back from them. i never meant to cause an uproar...
  17. destyne

    WOW!$175 in Murad Products W/"The Water Secret" Book Purchase-EXPIRED

    i have contacted cs twice and have gotten nowhere. twice i have been promised and answer here is my first chat with them today ease wait while we find an agent to assist you... You have been connected to Melissa A A. Melissa A A: Hello destini jackson, my name is Melissa A. How may I help...
  18. destyne

    Free World's Softest Teddy Bear

  19. destyne

    WOW!$175 in Murad Products W/"The Water Secret" Book Purchase-EXPIRED

    you did better than i got mine today its all sample sizes and 3 leaked out boo oh well
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