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    thank you! ;)

    thank you! ;)
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    thank you! :)

    thank you! :)
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    Help lol

    let's wait and see :) Hope someone else replies/comments. I didn't buy a protective screen for my android phone and it was okay. I think they're meant to be scratch proof but hey with kiddos around better safe than sorry :):h5: Do you have the newest edition? How is it? I would love to have one...
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    Help lol

    I usually check coz it has reliable reviews. I do not have an Ipad, however.
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    Lot 18

    thanks alicia for the update :)
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    Lot18: Seafood Utensils (12 piece set) $4.99 shipped

    bumping for laurelnev :)
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    Lot 18

    granms try another one. It wouldnt take my Discover ones but it took my AMEX gift card:bigthumb:
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    Free Glam Bag wyb John Frieda

    "while supplies last." hope you receive it soon though. btw, it's not exactly a glam bag but a glam garment bag. a very nice one :)
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    $40 Southwest Airlines flights

    web.. :kekeke:
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    Free $1 donation to support healthy initiatives at local participating Y and YMCAs

    please post UPC #s. thanks :) Visit and enter the UPC code found on packs of The Laughing Cow® and Mini Babybel® between 4/1/11...
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    Free FreeStyle Lite test strips and meter

    *if you qualify or call 1-877-854-3625 -Ebony magazine July 2011
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    For VocalPoint Members, Sample New Downy UNSTOPABLES for FREE

    You'll be one of the first to use and review New Downy UNSTOPABLES™.* Your FREE full-size sample should arrive in 5-7 weeks. When it does, try it and see how it shakes out. Then come back to share your thoughts. full-size sample? ? Kay, is this one of those "things that don't quite make...
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    For VocalPoint Members, Sample New Downy UNSTOPABLES for FREE

    :cool: mom likes to use downy :h5:
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    free zebra pen pal items(40.00 value) hurry first 1000

    thank you! :bowdown: Zebra pens are the best but not as popular.
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