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    $3 SuperStar Barbie

    amazon has it for $3 also...woo hoo! limit 1
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    Custom (30 page 7x5 Hard Cover Photo Book $3.99 Shipped

    shipping takes forever!!! at least around the holidays it did...I think my order took a month to arrive and when I emailed asking for an estimated delivery date they just told me to "be patient."
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    Bushnell 3 day weather forecaster $29.99/FS

    the rebate was for the 5 day model, it was on sale for $50 at walmart with a $50 rebate, so I only had to pay tax.
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    $50 BOX of GAG GIFTS for $5

    I didn't order a box, so I don't have any gag gifts to trade.
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    $50 BOX of GAG GIFTS for $5

    haha...does anyone want to trade their hillary clinton tp? My boss would love that.
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    Electrical Foot Switch $7.99

    They have something similar at Walgreens in green with the holiday lights for $3.99. We have two in our house and they work great so far.
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    Starbucks spend $15 get free CD

    that would probably work
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    Starbucks spend $15 get free CD

    gift cards don't work for this promo, you have to buy $15 of coffee and or merchandise
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