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    MyCokeRewards Heads Up thread

    Wow. :eek3: That's pretty crazy. Same exact time. It wouldn't hurt to leave them both. People will just think they're re-reading the same thing again by mistake. :kekeke:
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    MyCokeRewards Heads Up thread

    Today's MCR's Wednesday Deal: Free box of Ritz, Wheat Thins or Triscuit - 50 points (was 165 points). :)
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    $50 off Pet products at Mr Chewy

    Same here. I wish I would have saw this sooner; that's a great deal!
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    free stanley utility knife blade

    Nice. Thanks! :bigthumb:
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    20 Free Facebook credits

    Umm, do I need these? :kekeke: I don't play online games. Are they of use for anything else? Thanks.
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    Free Motorola USB Wi-Fi Adapter

    Oh. See, my mind takes these little vacations. I'm not sure where it goes, and I never know how long it will be gone for...but sometimes it just up and leaves me. I guess as long as it keep coming back, I should be happy. :D Umm...what were we talking about? :uh:
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    Free Motorola USB Wi-Fi Adapter

    Aww, man! I thought I read in the post that it was for a Motorola. Now it doesn't say that anymore. I thought I was gonna have myself some fancy shnancy thingamabob. Oh well; there's always tomorrow. :hs:
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    Free Motorola USB Wi-Fi Adapter

    If I were you I would just go to Wags & stock up on Scotch Magic Tape. That'll do the trick! :bowrofl:
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    Free Motorola USB Wi-Fi Adapter

    :kekeke: Ditto. My cell is a Motorola, but probably the cheapest model available. Perhaps this would make my cheap cell phone & dial-up connection do some fancy stuff. :confused:
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    Free 5oz. Armour Pepperoni with Cheese sample

    Got it. Thank you! :bigthumb:
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    NVM! - Free cat bowl with 9lives purchase ends 1/31

    Well crud, I just bought my 9Lives today for this deal. It makes you wonder though, if being that the link is still there that it may just be a "typo". :dunno: I know it takes ME a while to get the new year right when writing dates.
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    Downy Tshirt Giveaway (and more...)

    I'm such a dummy. :uh: I had been refreshing the link from their shirt giveaway yesterday, hoping that it would be the same one. Well while I was going back and forth from that link to their facebook page, I accidently hit refresh on the link from yesterday, NOT realizing until it was too...
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    $20 gift card for $10

    I've made an account with the referral link and one without, and I'm not seeing a $5 credit anywhere. When I add the card it's showing $10 in the checkout. For those of you getting it for $5, can you see the discount before entering credit card info.? Thanks.
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    Free $3150 for the first 3 people from Dr. Oz

    Yep. That's actually what I meant; I just didn't say it right. I'm not going NEAR the Dr. Oz site. :eek3:
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    Free $3150 for the first 3 people from Dr. Oz

    :bowrofl: Good luck everybody! I'll see ya all back here about an hour or so after they crash the site. :wavey:
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