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    Free Snuggie

    Thanks :) I cant see this promotion on this site -
  2. DavinaD

    Nesquik Breakers Team

    Thanks I just use and never get problems
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    Free hot sauce

    I love hot sauce! Looks like they dont have any left, I checked here and cant see it.
  4. DavinaD

    Free sample of Vincenzo Caviar face cream

    Thanks, do you have any samples? I checked here and I cant see it :(
  5. DavinaD

    Free YoYo Lip Gloss

    Thanks :) I just applied for this one - hope I get it!
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    Free Arm & Hammer's Cat Club Brochure

    I just found this -
  7. DavinaD

    I love free stuff and couponing

    I only use its the best by far.
  8. DavinaD

    John frieda full size sample

    I got this shampoo if u want to apply for dis one -
  9. DavinaD

    Free Natty Bumpercar sticker

    Great freebie! I love getting mine from I just got some stickers from there.
  10. DavinaD

    Free Pure Decadence Gourmet Cocoa Sample

    Thank you! I just got a free sample of Balance Me Cleanser in the post from cant wait to try it x
  11. DavinaD

    Free Arm & Hammer's Cat Club Brochure

    Thanks! I didn't know arm and hammer did toothpaste I recently got a sample.
  12. DavinaD

    Free Altadis Tobacco Sample

    Thank you, I have applied.
  13. DavinaD

    Free ChinUp Facelift Mask

    Thanks I just applied :) I was lucky enough to just get this mask cant wait to try it out in the bath with a glass of wine.
  14. DavinaD

    Free Neutrogena Healthy Skin Rejuvinator (a $40 value)

    Great thanks I will apply, I cant see it on so will it be legit?
  15. DavinaD

    Pet freebie..

    Hello all, If you have a dog, then this freebie would be good! Found it on a pet forum: Thanks, Davina xx
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