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    free 5.00 visa gift card

    It really comes. I got 3 from doing the survey/referrals. They showed up this week.
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    AMA House Party

    Me too! Only 1 pizza and 1 target so i its the normal party.
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    free 5.00 visa gift card

    That code is a referral code. For each person that uses it he gets $5 also. Last time i checked refererals were a no no.
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    AMA House Party

    The shirts (a total of about 14) are much better this year and mine are a variety of sizes from M-XL which is better than the all XL's we got last year. My little sister wore the shirts as a night dress. haha. The little black thing is a piece that plugs into your iphone/ipod and turns it into a...
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    American Express Giveaway?

    I received mine as well and I never got a confirmation email!! Anyone know if we can use these before that day?
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    AMA House Party

    I have never uploaded on here before but maybe it will work.
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    AMA House Party

    Mine arrived this morning! yes!!
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    Hurry - Operation buzz Lightyear - $1!!!

    back in stock
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    Free $5 gc for Skoal snuff

    and if you get friends to call and sign up they give you each an additional 5 bucks up to 30 dollars!
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    Free L'occitane hand cream Says vouchers will be mailed in 2 weeks.
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    P&GEStore deal

    I did a deal today that wasnt too bad I used the code GAME and it takes $5 off football friendly items plus i had a 20% welcome back coupon. You get a free flameless luminary refill with any purchase and if you buy 3 Herbal essences products you get a free supersize hairspray. Product Qty...
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    *HOT*Chicago Steaks Deal!! 12 burgers, 4 steaks, Seasoning shaker ONLY $20.89 shipped

    Let me place an order of add-ons without the steak seasoning. Just has to be over 43 dollars or something. 4 5oz top sirloin- 19.95 6 10oz top sirloin 39.95 $9.90 total. but i had a $10 buy with me credit instead of 5! so just under $25 for $150 in steaks! Perfect for my dudes bday next month :)
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    Mens skechers arcade shoes $3-EXPIRED

    Ugh. Be careful. I kept getting Error 500 messages and now i have placed 5 orders and the customer service isnt open and the site is going so slow its going to take hours for me to cancel.
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    first 15000 4-Piece Avon Anew Kit

    UPS dropped this off today!
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    Free stuff from Doctor Oz next week

    I got the shoes! Can't believe it actually went through. :)
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