Zitrades Patio Lights G40 Globe Party String Lights Decorative Indoor Outdoor Lighting $16.10@amazon

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    • Creat Fantastic Environment: Outdoor string lights cast a warm white glow completely changed the mood, the environment, the togetherness, look fantastic and certainly helped bring everyone to their moment of peace for back yard friend, family gathering, wedding area and completely changed the atmosphere of the place.
    • Proper Light: The exterior patio lights lighting is warm and inviting. These give off just the right amount of lighting for your patio. They're not too bright to harsh on the eyes, and give off just enough light to see and shine at night, also not disturb neighbors.
    • Considerable Caxle Design: Globe string lights's bulb sockets are wired in parallel, which means if one bulb burns out, the others stay lit.
    • Easy Installation and Use: You can easily grasp the whole bulb in your hand, hanging and tear-down only in several minutes.
    • Safty and Stable: Party string lights is only slightly warm to the touch after a long time. built-in fuse for safety insurance(max 125 v, 5A), waterproof and heatproof. (the electrical plug contains a spare fuse so there is another convenience. )
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