Wood plastic wood preservative quality point


Wood plastic wood preservative quality point

In the square, the park, the street, the community and so on the place everywhere may see each kind of pattern wooden plastic flower pot tree pool and the antiseptic wood flower tree tree pond, but the customer carries on the choice time, often meets such question: And anti-corrosion wood box tree pool which use a long time, which material flower box more cost-effective? The following wood-plastic manufacturers for everyone to analyze this problem.

Mangrove wood plastic flower box tree pool good physical properties: heat, UV, insulation, anti-acid, anti-corrosion, processing performance, a wood texture, and not easy to deformation; antiseptic wood box tree pool is only simple Anti-corrosion treatment, after a period of time there will be cracking, Diaoqi and deformation of the situation, the customer must carry out the latter part of the secondary maintenance, an increase of economic costs and labor costs.

It can be seen, wood-plastic flower box tree pool time is anti-corrosion wood box tree pool 3-5 times the superior economy to become the preferred customer.. Outdoor Composite Wood Floor Suppliers - Seven Trust
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