Walmart Olay Indulgence Pack .01 after rebate

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    yay! is the cash back rebate in the box?
  2. crazybailey7

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    There is a slip with the validation code in the box and Coupons came in both sets that i bought.

    It says it will accept a copy of the receipt so i think i'm going to mail each code separately even though it doesn't say anything about a limit.
  3. Bubbles

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    thanks good deal
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    just an option for gifts....

    buy five herbal essences gift packs at walmart. they are $10 each. comes with the free sub to allure or one of the other mags. use five $2 off clairol family product q's. q expires 11/30.

    pay $40 oop (plus tax), will give you the $50 for the clairol rebate and get $20 back. so $20 (plus tax) for five gift sets all including the mag! essences

    i saw a gift pack in the store that isnt' on this walmart list. for color treated hair. :xmasgrin:
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  5. Stormy Weather

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    I just did this with the Revitalizing Spa Kit.

    It cost $15, but included both the full size Olay body wash and body lotion, plus a full size (5.5 ounce) febreeze candle and a pair of bedroom slippers in the caddy.

    I used the $5 off coupon, which brought it down to $10, and am applying for the magazine rebate now. It also came with the coupons enclosed.

    Not a moneymaker, but all free! :xmas:
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    that was the buy two secret coupon?
  7. Stormy Weather

    Stormy Weather New Member

    It was buy one Olay body wash and 1 Secret deodorant, get $5 off.
    I bought a Secret travel size at 97 cents.
  8. Stormy Weather

    Stormy Weather New Member

    It was in the P&G flyer -- it expires on November 30.
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    oh thank you! i didn't remember what that q said and i haven't used it anywhere yet. but i DID finally see the trial secret at walmart yesterday. :)

    hmm, can't find that q and don't remember seeing it either.
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  10. Stormy Weather

    Stormy Weather New Member

    For me, it was in the P&G insert that has November 2010 in the upper right corner. Front cover has a black background, with pictures of Bounty (lower right corner) and Crest Whitestrips (lower left corner) and the words "Have You Tried This Yet?" in the middle.

    Hope that helps!
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    well heck. thanks, but i chop all the q's up on monday mornings. i figure if they're not chopped up and sorted, they won't get used. this mystifies me no end! will have to look through my tote tomorrow. i really don't remember seeing it.

    eta: :uh: i looked it up on ebay. yes, i DID have that q. i used 'em all!
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