USA Weekend: FREE Offer from McDonalds


The Dreamer
looks like a post card and says "Get A FREE any flavor 12 oz smoothie or frappe.. exp 8/15

does not say no purchase necessary.. Does not also say purchase is necessary..


Wildlife Loving Member
Sent hubby for the paper today, Haha I wasn't presentable, one of the two papers he got had it. I can only hope for many papers in the recycle tomorrow that have the coupon!! :fingersx:


New Member
half the people i talked to today didnt realize there were free coupons in it and gave them to me but i was nice and asked if they wanted them back :) i scored 10 lol i hope these are good or else i will be trading(im sure hubby and son will love tho cause they eat/drink anything lol)


New Member
i had the mocha frappe today. it was good! looking forward to the berry!

when they had the free frappes from before i had over 25 coupons and im not a coffee person so i was giving those away like crazy-i actually had a few go to waste and i hate that :( now i cant wait to try the new drinks:drool:
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