There are two storage cylinders two refrigeration cylinders

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    There are two storage cylinders, two refrigeration cylinders and a three outlet, at the thesame era can come in three colors: three flavors of ice cream Dervina Firming Cream, which includes two kinds of unconditional taste and a dirty flavors. These ice cream machines upon the vent are relatively common. General weight not quite 150KG, carrying out in in the midst of 1700W-4000W range. Suitable for each and every one of one one kinds of ice cream shops, restaurants, bars, coffee shops, cinemas and new ice cream production and taste demands more occasions.There are three storage cylinders, three refrigeration cylinders and five ice cream outlet heads, can come in five colors and five flavors of ice cream, which are three good tastes and two impure space. This ice cream airborne facilitate price is in eight thousand or as a consequences.
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