Target/Glade deal is back!


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More Info about this....

The new Holiday Glade Gift Card Deal is set to officially begin today, and I received an advertisement for it in this morning’s Smart Source. I also got the Dollar General Ad which advertises the Glade Winter Collection on sale 2/$5. So you can try and Price Match at Target to get an even better deal. I say “try”, because some stores interpret 1 or 2 exemptions in the Low Price Promise Differently:

*Competitor’s bundled offers (some stores consider 2/$5 a bundled offer when actually you don’t have to buy 2 to get the $2.50 price). -imo as an example it means if Best Buy is offering both a camera and a lens for a discounted price wyb both- you cannot expect Target to honor the same price at their store)

*Coupon-required or giftcard offers (some stores consider this applying to themselves instead of their competitors) *imo it means if a competitor is offering a Free Gift Card wyb a product- you can’t expect Target to offer you a Target Gift Card on the same product instead.

Unfortunately corporate interprets them differently as well depending on who you get on the phone. It is my hope that one day they clarify their low price promise further on line, but for now you are stuck with the luck of the draw and how your store interprets the policy. But definitely worth a shot if you have the Dollar General ad in hand.

I am truly hoping this deal goes very well for everyone (with or without a price match) despite a couple concerns I have. But just in case, there are a couple of things that I feel like I should give you heads up on… For starters, you may want to be on the lookout for how your B1G1 coupons scan- as sometimes Target’s computers have trouble with them. Also- you may run into trouble if the $10 Invisible Coupon Glitch affects this deal.

(If you have no idea what I am talking about- read the bottom of this post as well as my comment on that same post).
If the $10 MQ Glitch is present- and you have over a certain amount in coupon value- your store will have to push some of them through as store coupons, OR you will need to remember that for every five you buy you will only have $4.95 available to absorb coupon value. (5x $2.99 = $14.95 – $10 in invisible MQs = $4.95). If your coupon value exceeds that, you must have whatever that difference is in products to absorb your coupon value. (ie I have $6.99 in coupons – $4.95 available to use a coupon on = $2.04 needed to absorb my remaining coupon value, I buy a gallon of milk for $3.29 and I am fine).

You can find scenarios for this deal HERE and it now has a home on the Special Deals Page where I will do my best to keep the matchups & scenarios for it current.


i found some buy 3 glade winter collection item get 3.00 off at safeway today look for them right in front of the product sould be a big display next to them also


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Odd-I have not been to my Target yet but the ad, not the Target ad,it was in the coupon section of the Sunday paper says "offer valid Oct.17-Dec.26

Yea I even tried to scan a couple to see if it came up with the $5 GC offer WYB...and nothign came up :dunno:


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I got this last night, but also got a 2nd $5 gift card with another Target q that I had "$5 Target gc WYB 5 of these products..." which included Glade! :D


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Keep your eye out at Walmart for two different peelie coupons: $1/1 any Glade product AND $1/1 any Glade premium room spray. I can't remember which glade products I found them on though, but they will jump out at you if looking for them.


Our Targets aren't doing this yet either.

I have found that 90% of the Target deals advertised on FST are not valid at any Target near me. It took me clipping q's and going maybe five or six times before I gave up. :io:

I wonder if there is a way to tell whether deals listed on the Money page or forum are national or local. Or, God willing, an accurate source for Target prices in the Southern California area. Any ideas? :confused:


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my target hasnt started this either!!

and i looked at my walmart for the peelies and i seen this man walking away with a stack of the peelie qs!!!and the shelf was a mess!!


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I wonder if it ended? Or maybe try scanning the product to see if it isn't advertised, but is ringing up at the sale price.


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my target hasnt started this either!!

and i looked at my walmart for the peelies and i seen this man walking away with a stack of the peelie qs!!!and the shelf was a mess!!

Boooo! I'm not shy in admitting I snag peelie qs, but I DO NOT leave them like a tornado blew through. :uh:


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There are reports that $3/3 Glade tear pad coupons are being found at Wags (on Glade display) ... $3/3 any Glade winter collection product, so keep your eyes peeled at wags! :bigthumb:


Competitor's deal

I've never used this or done it... Do I show the competitor's advertisement to the checker? Or do I go to the front desk before shopping? How does this work?
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